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Double exposures lead to a wealth of ideas for the theme: Wanderlust.
The expression of pure beauty of nature is disturbed by motion blur and layering. On the border of being kitsch.
I want to seduce the viewer with my  amplified landscapes.
The images are over-laid old photos from my  family albums and photos I have taken whilst wandering and travelling, they appear to have an unreal quality.
Colours are intensified or fade, details are magnified, landscapes are merged with close-up details of people and animals.

There is a strangeness in viewing these images, a kind of double vision. 
The work also evokes different seasonal and personal moods.
In one photo, the landscape appear psychedelic, full of bright sunlight, discharging a sense of summer excess and fecundity, while, in another, the mute colouring of the trail and less abundant forms point to the depleted melancholy of autumn.
The overlaying of images does not suggest an ideal form, or a general idea of wanderlust but rather, to the ever-changing and divergent possibilities of each individual’s wanderlust.

Wanderlust: is an International Mail Art Open Call, culminating in a site specific Installation and an Online Gallery, combining the the use of traditional postal services and social media networks to initiate an ongoing and participatory travelling Nomadic Collection.